Month: September 2018

Athos meets Gaudi – UNDP community mosaic in Brasilia

September was very exciting – the “Athos meets Gaudi” project went into full production. But let me tell you about this project: Inspired by Athos Bulcão, a Brasilian artist (who’s 100 birthday the city of Brasilia celebrated this year) I was curious if I could translate one of his murals into mosaic. We make use of the same material: tiles and often his works are also referred to as “mosaics”. Here is a link to his works: In January this year I visited the anniversary exhibition in Brasilia of his works about 10 times to study his forms and approach. My idea was to make a mural with a community in Brasilia, letting each participant recreate one of his tiles in mosaic and so learn about his forms in recreating them. For this a very simple pattern was needed. I got very excited to find a lot of material about the mural that he created for the telecom tower in Brasilia in the exhibition. Luck was even more on my side that I could see …

Reunion with old friends

During the summer months I had several reunions with mosaics of mine: In Brasilia the cultural centre – Espaço Renato Russo re – opened after being closed for 5 year. The national museum curated an exhibition of the cities artists and two of my birds from the Zeugma bird series were chosen to be in the show. In Rio de Janeiro I took my friend Sylvie from Berlin and my friend Claudia from Rio to the mosaic of the bondinhos which I participated in last year. and in August we visited our house in Ayvalik /Turkey and took  refreshing baths in our hamam where I made the floor mosaic