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The oldest Mosaic Mural in Beijing

Do you know where the oldest mosaic in Beijing is? This huge mural is at the platform of  Dongsi Shitiao subway station in Beijing. Made in 1985 at 70 meters long and almost 3 meters tall, it is clearly the largest! It is called Towards the World, and depicts 30 athletes playing 22 different kinds of sports. The Mosaic was designed by Li Huaji and Quan Zhenghuan. The cement tiles were made by Tangshang Arts and Crafts Factory and the mosaic was assembled by Haidian Yongfeng Construction Company in April 1985 . It was the year after Beijing had been awarded the hosting of the 1990 Asian Games. Archery, discus throwing, cycling, fencing, and swimming are all represented in the mural, which consists of thousands  of ceramic blocks, each  of about two centimeters long. The piece delivers the message that ‘Chinese athletes achieve international honor and bring glory to the country’, thereby extending good wishes to the Asian Games After more than 30 years, the mural had suffered damage due to the constant vibration caused by …

Mosaic Discovery in Berlin

Last year on a beautiful blue sky summer day I walked from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Spittelmarkt – always along the Spree and later the Spree Kanal. It’s a wonderful walk that I could recommend every visitor of this vibrant city. I was stepping through a lot of history of this city and my own life. Without intentionally looking for them I saw several mosaics on the way. On Bertold-Brecht- Platz stands a typical Berlin late 1900 multi story building which houses the famous restaurant “Ganymed” . Above the entrance door with the restaurants name (also a mosaic) you find in an imaginary niche another small beautiful mosaic. The mosaic was installed in 1892/93 to attract visitors to the theater “Berliner Ensemble” . Only in 1997 it was discovered again. The workshop “ wandwerk” restored this mosaic to its full beauty. Walking on along the Spree Canal my glance gets attracted by a huge mural on the Friedrichsgracht 58. It’s the mural “ Man, measure of all things” by Walter Womacka, who has designed this epic …

Inauguration of Climate Change Community Mosaic 21. April 2022

Please celebrate with us the transformation of words via symbols into mosaic art that is installed as a mural at the entrance of the German School in Beijing. We are in awe that we did it: a group of 55 people all dedicating time and energy to create with their hands a piece of awareness raising on their hopes and concerns about impact of climate change around us. We are still gathering photos and reflecting on how it became such a big and wonderful project. Stay tuned to hear more about it in the coming weeks!