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Pique Assiette using ancient Chinese porcelain

Pique Assiette is a mosaic technique that was invented around 1930 by a grave yard digger in Chatre in northern France.  He decorated his house in- and outside with shards from broken plates and cups. “Pique assiette – Picked up plates” since then has developed into a well known mosaic technique. I would say in the past 10 years the technique saw a revival. Famous artists like Gila Rayberg in the US use this technique masterfully to make their projects. When SuNan from the porcelain studio Caicifang in Beijing contacted me about an exhibition of my mosaic art and workshops in their studio, I was intrigued to use this technique with ancient Chinese porcelain shards. One of the neighbouring shops of Caicifang is a sculptor who makes the mascot of Beijing – the rabbit god in many different shapes and colours. There is a lovely story about this mascot: The rabbit is the pet of the moon goddess Chang-e. When there was a plague in Beijing and inhabitants of the city fell ill and died, …

Mosaic workshops

In November 2020 I started to give regular workshops in the studio again. It is always a joy for me to see so many different mosaics being created in the space of the studio and to bring the faszination of mosaic craft to many people. As life of the average Beijinger is densely planned and mostly digital from shopping to paying to chatting the aim of the workshops is next to spend a couple of hours relaxed and unplugged in creating something beautiful with your own hands. The material we use – easy to break glass mosaic tiles in the most intriguing colors and shines – are a very suitable material for these workshops.