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Mosaics of Bergama/Pergamon

Many of you know the famous “Pergamon Museum” in Berlin. Where is this place Pergamon? I had the chance to visit the archeological museum of the ancient city Pergamon in Turkey this summer again. 7 years ago during my mosaic conservation studies at the University Ankara I spent one day with the conservation team of Bergama Archeological Project. During that day I was given permission to photograph the mosaics from the masque mosaic floor which originates from 2.c AD. The mosaic is beautifully preserved and presented in the building Z on the Acropolis hill of the Archeological Museum Bergama . It was a joy coming back after all this time. The gallery below is a mix from my recent photos and the photos of 2007. Enjoy!


On our stroll through the ruins one small detail took my attention. I saw a braided pattern in a stone carving on one of the unearthed pieces exhibited which reminded me of a similar pattern in ancient mosaics. Funnily I could find this detail in one of the floor mosaics in building Z on the Akropolis Hill in the archelogical museum of Bergama.

Braided stone carving at archeological museum Bergama

braided mosaic design in floor mosaic, 2.c AD, building Z, Bergama



  1. Stephen Karam says

    Beautiful! I still recall being astounded by this amazing work! I very much enjoy your ways of connecting the artistic threads of one culture to another. Thanks for sharing Gertrude!

    • gertrud says

      Thanks Stephen. It’s a pleasure to do this. Mosaic craft definitely helps to put pieces together 🙂

  2. Dear Ms. Müller,

    It is nice to see that you came back yo visit Pergamon, Turkiye after a while.. I hope all is fine !


    Evren from company ex-Turan Bekisoglu

    • gertrud says

      It was such pleasure to be back in the beautiful northern Aegean region.

  3. Miriam Polito Fabiancic says

    Dear Gertrud, it’s fascinating to read about these marvelous ancient pieces! I’ve been to the museum in Berlin but these details brought back memories of that discovery. What fantastic mosaics!

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