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Schnupper Mosaik Workshop November 2023

Herzliche Einladung zum Workshop für Anfänger:innen am 11/12 November im MosaicMoments Studio in Berlin Charlottenburg.

🌟 Discover the Art of Mosaics! 🌟 Would you like to try one of the most durable forms of visual art? Do you want to feel the hard materials like glass or stone in your hands and transform them into soft lines? Are you interested in experiencing the meditative moments of creating your mosaic? 🎨 If yes, then our Mosaic Workshop is perfect for you! 🎨

Beginners mosaic workshop

Day 1 (6h)
Making of a approx 8×8 in mosaic design in classic technique with modern glass tiles. Prepared designs can be chosen.
Day 2(3h)
The mosaic will be grouted.
During a necessary waiting time I will give you a presentation about history of mosaic art.

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