Author: gertrud

The kitchen Mosaik is ready!

The setting of the 350x50cm mosaic in 0,8 cm crystal glass tiles brought my family in Berlin together: first my sister in law Carolin and her lovely daughters Frida and Fanny came and helped setting the blue area above the stove. Frida  (12) and Fanny (9) loved the blue mosaic tiles and Carolin and I mached their lines with green and brown. My initial idea was to bring the colors of the Linde, the tree in front of the kitchen into the kitchen. But when I checked my stock of material I couldn’t leave the very unique collection of blue and red tiles aside.  So the blue tones ended up above the stove to cool me down when I am in my cooking fever and the red tiles ended up above the sink. The reds were set by my son Emil and my husband Martin who had a great session one afternoon listening to music and setting tiles together. The installation on to the backdrop between the existing kitchen cabinets was rather tricky. I secured …

Kitchen Mosaic

I am currently working on a mosaic for my new kitchen in Berlin. The challenge is to use up all 6-8mm crystal mosaic tiles which I brought from China. I decided to go for colourful stripes to be able to use most of the tiles in different sizes that I have. Here are the first panels finished of the 4,30m long mosaic. Its a nice occupation to pass time waiting for the workmen to finish the renovations.

Möckernkiez Community Mosaic

  ” I would not have thought that my neighbors could produce such beautiful designs. Now I see some of them with a whole new set of eyes.” a resident and participant in the Mosaik project told me during the opening of the first part of the Community Mosaik for House 1 in the Möckernkiez in Berlin Kreuzberg. 32 residents from the 22 apartments that use Staircase A on a daily basis each designed a mosaic tile. On May 5, the mosaic tiles were installed by me and 3 other helpers from the house in the entrance area as a frieze. Saturday, May 6, was scheduled for joint grouting. Unfortunately, no one had signed the list of helpers. We “installers”, still tired from the previous day’s concentration and physical exertion, were worried. Would we manage to grout and clean the mosaic before the inauguration which was scheduled for 3pm? We started to mix the grout. And lo and behold, one neighbor came, then a second, and by 11 o’clock I didn’t have enough gloves and …