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The miraculous journey of a mosaic

In 2015, when I exhibited pieces for the Hamam mosaic in Brazil, visitors asked for a similar mosaic for their house in Washington. Years went by…

Floor mosaic in private residence, Ayvalik, Turkey 4m2, natural stone

We have since moved to Washington and I now live in here and in Berlin. In September 2023, I met our friends again and asked them if they were still thinking about the mosaic they had asked me for so many years ago. I met them in their house, we looked for a place and found a suitable niche above the bathtub. One of the fish from the Ayvalik mosaic could swim well there!

I presented them with 4 designs for the 45×29″ niche and an estimate, they chose one design and accepted the budget.Design_M&C_Oct_23

In November and December 2023, I produced the mosaic on a temporary support in my studio in Berlin. I glued the tesserae upside down onto craft paper.


When I was finished after 40 hours, I was able to cut the mosaic apart and pack it in pieces between polystyrene sheets for transportation to Washington.

As the journey went via our chalet in the mountains of Switzerland, the mosaic also traveled up there and back down into the valley before flying to Washington. It arrived there with me in one piece on January 8, 2024.

I fitted the mosaic to the specially made aluminum frame and glued it in with thinset tile glue. Then came the exciting moment of uncovering the mosaic. After a few hours, the wet wrapping paper could be removed.

On January 26, 2024, the time had come – the mosaic could be slid into the niche. The clients were overjoyed! It goes perfectly with the interior of the bathroom!

Commission in private residence, Washington DC, Jan 24, 45×29″, natural stone, ceramic tile, glass tile

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  1. Miriam Engstrom says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wow! What a great journey for all of you–including the Ayvalik fish!

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