Community Mosaics

The ritual act of re-connecting broken material to create a new image, in the form of a unique mosaic, echos my personal aspiration to connect people through the act of collaboration and handwork.

Currently I am commissioned to facilitate a collaborative mosaic project for  Möckernkiez in Berlin-Kreuzberg.  Together with the residents of one apartment blog  to we decorate the entrance areas with mosaic tiles made by the residents themselves.

In  2022  I initiated the Climate Change Community Mosaic Project in Beijing. First 15 people from Beijing came together to deliberate about Climate Change and then design symbols for a mosaic on the basis of their discussion points. During the month of March 2022 they crafted these mosaics with their friends and the wider public to not only use cognitive processes but also physical action to penetrate the topic of climate change further. In the end about 60 citizens of Beijing/China participated and it was installed at the German Embassy school and community centre in Beijing on April 21, 2022.

Dokumentation Deutsch (PDF) Documentation English (PDF)

During workshop for climate change community mosaic, Beijing, March 2022


Since 2014 I have conducted several other community mosaic projects in Turkey, Brazil and China. Some community mosaic projects I documented through videos. Please click on the photo to see more.

Project Beijing Moto 2021