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Such a pleasure working with Mosaic Lovers in China

MosaicMoments studio started its journey in China in 2019. During these 3 years, we have held 15 beginner workshops with about 100 people.



“The learning process of making mosaics was so fascinating. Your studio is like an enchanted place decorated with your exquisite mosaic works, with all kinds of materials and tools in good order, and serene music in the background. Here I met friends from all over the world.  We shared the same enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning the mosaic art. We learned from, inspired and appreciated each other’s work. You gave each of us individual attention and insightful detailed instructions for our projects.”   ——Chaoying from China 来自中国的超英

4 Community Mosaic workshops were conducted with 130 participants.

“Thank you Gertrud and your team for the diligent preparation and introduction into the world of Mosaic. I enjoyed the creative and relaxing atmosphere so much and, contributing a small unit to the master piece was rewarding experience. The food and social set up was most inspiring. Great people and great fun!”

感谢 Gertrud 和您的团队为马赛克世界所做的辛勤准备和介绍。我非常享受这个创作和轻松的氛围,为一副优秀的作品贡献一小部分是十分有成就感的体验。同时,和很棒的人一起分享食物和交谈是最鼓舞人心的。这是一次很有乐趣的经历!

——Cinderella von Dungern from Germany


“Mosaik legen bedeutet für mich eine Auszeit vom Alltag – 2 Stunden kreativ sein, auch haptisch gefordert sein und handwerkern, um später gelöst und glücklich das Leben wieder auf sich wirken zu lassen!

Mosaic is an escape from duty and routine – I can engage in the method as well as my self-created piece of art, fully emerge in the task, and later disengage and feel happier than I was before!”


——Andrea from Germany来自德国的Andrea

During the time in Beijing, MosaicMoments integrated China’s ancient porcelain shards into mosaic making. The collision of cultures brings participants joy and makes the workshops more diverse.


This adventure has been such a wonderful time, but it’s time to say goodbye. We appreciate everyone’s bravery to explore mosaic, this ancient art form in our modern world. After joining the workshops, hopefully everyone has developed an eye for mosaic which can help you discover the mosaics hidden everywhere in the city.




MosaicMoments is moving from Beijing to Berlin. Best wishes to everyone and Goodbye!


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