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The Ayvalik Mosaic – grouted and ready to be used! The aim of this project was to decorate a room in a restored greek townhouse in Ayvalik at the norther aegean  coast of Turkey with a mosaic. This newly build multi purpose bath room which is accessible from the garden and from the house has features of a turkish bath/hamam: a heated floor, heated marble benches and walls but also serves as a water play area of the patio in summer and a second shower room for the 6 bed holiday house. Fascinated by the beauty of antik mosaics I wanted to recreate some of the decorative elements of an antik mosaic to appear in our modern life today again. And I wanted to give this mosaic the purposes that mosaics  originally were created for: a practical purpose of covering a floor to be better walked on, water to be better drained from the floor into a drain system and the floor to be better cleaned, a decorative purpose to add color and designs to …


For one whole year now I have planned and tossed the idea of making a floor mosaic for our house in Ayvalik at the northern aegean coast of Turkey. THE HOUSE is being renovated – so a great opportunity for me to do a floor mosaic as a sort of apprentice piece. I have been practicing mosaic making since 3 years. It started in a mosaic studio (see Facebook Mustafa Salih Kamanlıoğlu) in the old city of ANKARA in Turkey – because I was looking for a place to practice my turkish language skills – and got absolutely hooked to THE CRAFT. after attending a one week course in floor mosaic making at Luciana Notturni’s mosaic school   in the beautiful city of Ravenna in May 2015 I feel ready  … to take on this BIG PROJECT.