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Happy holidays from MosaicMoments Studio

Happy holidays from the MosaicMoments studio! As I wrap up 2023 and my first full year in my Berlin studio, I reflect on the many lovely moments and projects that took place, and look forward to opening studio number 2 in Washington DC in 2024. My lovely studio in Berlin Mosaic in action Happily working along during open studio sessions Lovely mosaics from my beginners workshop in Feb. Putting up the community project @ the Möckernkiez Group workshop celebrating a dear friends birthday A family effort installing our kitchen mosaic in Berlin Attending the SAMA conference in Buffalo and joining in on a great workshop with Carol Shelkin Creations with SMALTI, Byzantine glass and natural stone @ Cosmomusivo Studio, Berlin Work in progress for private commissioned piece Wishing you all a good start in the new year and hope to share more mosaicmoments with you in 2024✨

The kitchen Mosaik is ready!

The setting of the 350x50cm mosaic in 0,8 cm crystal glass tiles brought my family in Berlin together: first my sister in law Carolin and her lovely daughters Frida and Fanny came and helped setting the blue area above the stove. Frida  (12) and Fanny (9) loved the blue mosaic tiles and Carolin and I mached their lines with green and brown. My initial idea was to bring the colors of the Linde, the tree in front of the kitchen into the kitchen. But when I checked my stock of material I couldn’t leave the very unique collection of blue and red tiles aside.  So the blue tones ended up above the stove to cool me down when I am in my cooking fever and the red tiles ended up above the sink. The reds were set by my son Emil and my husband Martin who had a great session one afternoon listening to music and setting tiles together. The installation on to the backdrop between the existing kitchen cabinets was rather tricky. I secured …

German Organization for Mosaic Art (DOMO)

The German Organization for Mosaic Art and the Aldersbach Art Association organized a mosaic exhibition with international participation in the grounds of the Aldersbach monastery. my 3 bird mosaics were neighbors with works by Giovanni Alvich, in the chapel of the cloister. I was at the opening on May 20, 2023 and met some of the artists there. At the general meeting held on the same day, I was elected to the DOMO board. Since then, I have learned a lot about mosaic art in Germany and Europe and can contribute my international experience at the board meetings.