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Athos Meets Gaudi Mosaic Mural – installation and inauguration

125 mosaic tiles made by the staff members of the UNDP Brazil were installed in October 2018 on this wall at the UN house in Brasilia:

On 24th of October the wall was inaugurated in an exciting ceremony:

The testemonies from the participants were expressing the pride to have done such a project from the top administration to the support staff. Hear these voices in the video below:

If you can not open the video for any reason, please find the translation of the speeches here:

Jeziel: “We have made a piece that should keep for many years to come if its well preserved. It fills me with pride to leave a physical mark next to the intellectual work here at the UN house”

Carol: “To make the UN house a public space this will be a work that we will show with a lot of pride and joy. Speaking about my experience – my mosaic tile is here: obviously the most beautiful one – I have to confess Gertrud, when I arrived at the workshop and you told me I had to break the tile with a hammer, I thought I wouldn’t be capable of doing it.  I am a very analytical and rational person. So, when I looked at the work that had to be done, I thought, oh my god, how will I ever be able to finish this? It was a wonderful experience. …”

Edel: “Mine is next to Carols tile – and I want to say: our work here is so tight and intense it was a unique experience. I managed to stop the time, together with my colleagues never mentioning work, every one of us focusing on their mosaic. It was just a moment of colors, a universe of colors. To see my boss relaxed/distracted like a child without thinking of work or deadlines/schedules  was fantastic [LAUGHTER]. We turned into children and we had a lot of fun. I managed to stop time and entered into this marvelous experience …”

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