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The kitchen Mosaik is ready!

The setting of the 350x50cm mosaic in 0,8 cm crystal glass tiles brought my family in Berlin together: first my sister in law Carolin and her lovely daughters Frida and Fanny came and helped setting the blue area above the stove. Frida  (12) and Fanny (9) loved the blue mosaic tiles and Carolin and I mached their lines with green and brown. My initial idea was to bring the colors of the Linde, the tree in front of the kitchen into the kitchen. But when I checked my stock of material I couldn’t leave the very unique collection of blue and red tiles aside.  So the blue tones ended up above the stove to cool me down when I am in my cooking fever and the red tiles ended up above the sink. The reds were set by my son Emil and my husband Martin who had a great session one afternoon listening to music and setting tiles together. The installation on to the backdrop between the existing kitchen cabinets was rather tricky. I secured …

Trauer nach dem Erdbeben in der Türkei und Syrien

I am mourning with the people in Turkey and in Syria about the loss of lives and livelihoods in the region of the earthquake. In 2015 I spent a whole month in the city of Gaziantep learning and working together with Nusret Özdemir, a mosaic master and former security guard of the archeological museum Zeugma where the most beautiful mosaics were discovered in the last century. In his workshop we made the figures of the Ayvalik Mosaic – a project I did in 2015-16 to recreate a whole mosaic floor in ancient technique. During that month I was living in a flat share in Gaziantep with Ayse Ebru Corbaci who is the lead conservationist of the Gaziantep district. I have heard that both are well and their houses are still standing. I haven’t heard about the Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep and also the situation at the archeological site. We will get to know about the conditions of these truly magnificent cultural heritage places – first is the care for the people that are insured …

Refugee Community Mosaic project awarded

It was amazing: When I got the audio file with a music from Shalan Alhamwy that originally was not composed for the film, putting it into I Movie it immediately fitted the scenes on the images. As if the music was composed especially for this video.  In August to my surprise the video got selected to be shown at the conference in Barcelona amongst 15 videos about mosaic heritage conservation. This was the decisive moment for me to by my ticket to Barcelona to take part in the conference on mosaic heritage preservation. (13th ICCM conference Barcelona 2017) A lot of positive comments from the 250 participants from 35 countries reached me during this week 15-20. Oct 2017. At the end of the conference the video was recognized with the “coup de coeur” prize. Seeing the film on a big screen in the auditorium was amazing.