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Residency @ Caicifang Porcelain Studio Beijing

From April till June 2021 I was invited to show my mosaic works at the Porcelain Studio “Caicifang”. The porcelain studio and shop Caicifang is located in one the old alleyways in the touristy area just south of Tiananmen Square. Whenever I cycled to or from my home to the porcelain studio I passed that gigantic Square with Mao’s portrait hanging on the wall to the forbidden city in the north.   I was introduced the the studio by my friends Sanny Wroblewski in May 2019 on a stroll through this area. Back then it was mainly a shop that sold souvenirs made with ancient porcelain shards set in sliver or wood. That afternoon we met SuNan the porcelain conservation specialist who is running the visitor service and workshop that the project acquired in the house just opposite. He and his team are creating a very special atmosphere in the old Hutong space – guiding every visitor through the exhibition of ancient porcelain vessels, beautifully kintsugi restored porcelain bowls, old maps, opera costumes and embroidery …

My work in China – a retrospective

Dear friends, I have physically moved to Berlin now. It’s exciting to be in my home country.  However as always when I move I will not have a studio for at least half a year as my tools and materials are in transition in our container somewhere between Tianjin and Hamburg. I also notice that my soul is still in transition too. The memories from Beijing are kicking in often. Therefor I would like to use this coming weeks to tell you about my work in China. Back there I was using Chinese social media to tell my friends in Beijing about mosaic and my work – therefor this website and my Instagram account didn’t get regular updates. My studio was flourishing in Beijing – I wouldn’t have thought I would get so beautifully busy in all areas of my work – my solely crafted mosaics, the workshops and the community mosaic murals. I have the feeling the years in Beijing were the peak of my career. Let me tell you one after the other. …

Inauguration of Climate Change Community Mosaic 21. April 2022

We are in awe that we did it: a group of 55 people all dedicating time and energy to create with their hands a piece of awareness raising on their hopes and concerns about impact of climate change around us. Celebrate with us the transformation of words via symbols into mosaic art that is installed as a mural at the entrance of the German School in Beijing.  We are still gathering photos and reflecting on how it became such a big and wonderful project. Stay tuned to hear more about it in the coming weeks!