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My work in China – a retrospective

Dear friends,

I have physically moved to Berlin now. It’s exciting to be in my home country.  However as always when I move I will not have a studio for at least half a year as my tools and materials are in transition in our container somewhere between Tianjin and Hamburg. I also notice that my soul is still in transition too. The memories from Beijing are kicking in often.

Therefor I would like to use this coming weeks to tell you about my work in China. Back there I was using Chinese social media to tell my friends in Beijing about mosaic and my work – therefor this website and my Instagram account didn’t get regular updates.

My studio was flourishing in Beijing – I wouldn’t have thought I would get so beautifully busy in all areas of my work – my solely crafted mosaics, the workshops and the community mosaic murals. I have the feeling the years in Beijing were the peak of my career.

Let me tell you one after the other. ..



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