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The sky of Brasilía in Beijing


I am always intrigued if it is possible to depict something so imaginary, untouchable and lofty like clouds with the rigid and physically palpable, coming from earth material that we use to make mosaic – stone, glas and ceramic tile.

Sky of Brasilía, 60x60cm, 2019, marble, natural stone, Vidrotil

In this work I used bass relief technique to bring even more depth into the image. Working with hard material who’s hight I can easily influence makes this technique possible.

In the container that left Brasilia End of February 2019 was the unfinished “Sky of Brasilia” mosaic – well wrapped and crated.

End of 2019 after setting up my studio in Beijing I finished the sky, grouted the mosaic with different coloured grout and framed it. 

After having exhibited the “Sky of Brasilía” in 2021 at the Caicifang porcelain studio in Beijing just south of Tiananmen Square, the Brazilian embassy in Beijing offered to add it to their art collection.

It was my last great moment in Beijing to hand the mosaic to the Brazilian ambassador to China Mr Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita and his team in a small ceremony. The gentlemen were genuinely interested, looked and touched the tiles and discussed the process of making such a work. Then we sat and signed a document of handover.

I am very happy that the sky of Brasilia is now being looked at by people that know what it means:

“O ceù e  o mar do Brasilía” –  “The sky is the sea of Brasilía”  Expression by Lucio Costa, city planner of Brasilia

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