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Connecting for Climate Change

55 people came together at MosaicMoments Studio at the past weekends to make mosaic tiles for the Climate Change Group Mosaic in Beijing. After using words to express hopes and fears about Climate Change now hands are penetrating the topic. Let participants speak for themselves what they have experienced during these community crafting sessions:

Anna and Lorenz crafting their mosaic tiles with the symbols water – source of all life and hand, symbolizing protection, education, action and harmony
“You work on these mosaics so very detailed and carefully, so this is how we should care for the creation and environment, that we work and handle it carefully. Many small details make a bigger image, like many small actions make a world.”

Lorenz B. , from Germany

“It’s a great time to reflect on what we were thinking our aims were and to see this come in action. At the same time it was fun to learn a new skill.”

Anna W., from UK
Tong and Zhiyou working together on the turtle – symbolizing longevity and sea and land biodiversity

“I am very glad to join this project, it is very meaningful not only for us its also for others who finally are looking for opportunities to contribute … I really enjoy doing this …. I appreciate the team work, which is great. We don’t know each other and you bring us together, we get to know each other and in the future we can communicate definitely with all of you …”

Tong L. From China
Michaela making the coral – which means start of marine food chain which finally contributes to stable human food source

“in transforming the words into art and pictures it makes it even more deeper and clearer how important for example the corals are ….for our survival”

“In our first community assembly meeting we had words and with making this mosaic and the building of the motives it means action…. The transfer from words into action belongs to this climate change where we really need action.”

Michaela S., From Austria
Teachers of Love Cube art school Beijing participated on March 4 and made 8 hand symbolizing protection, education, action and harmony

“Thank you. Everything was so efficient. This is a very meaningful art project.”

Ivy Y. , from China





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