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THE AYVALIK MOSAIC – Brasilia Studio Asa Norte first week

Hello again!

I wish all my dear readers a happy new year 2016.

For me this year started with a visit to  Ayvalik.



The renovation of the house is really coming on. The windows and doors are installed, bright red plastic hoses under the marble floor in the kitchen are promising warm feet next winter and will also warm your feet under the mosaic.


Marble floor downstairs, through the door on the left you will go into the Hamam


A piep through the garden wall onto the place for the mosaic ( where the white tubes are)

I booked a ticket to Istanbul for end of February – the count down is on!

Back in Brasilia my sons helped to move the mosaic stuff into its 5th location for the workshop.

IMG_6144 IMG_6145Today I finished my first week working in the studio. A workplace away from home – I did not have this for 5 years.

It felt very good to leave the house in the mornings and entering a place that has nothing to do with the family. Full concentration onto just mosaic.


And on the side line – it is rainy season in Brasil at the moment. And with it our house is swamped with mosquitos. You can not sit still and NOT get bitten. Today I worked in the studio for 6 hours with the window wide open and I did not encounter one single mosquito! Fabulous!

This week I almost finished the head of the dolphin. I realized that I did not take a photo of the body and tail parts. Master Nusret made them in Gaziantep and they are now well packed away in Ayvalik.



This weeks work – Dolphin head almost finished


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