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My work in China – a retrospective

Dear friends,

I have physically moved to Berlin now. It’s exciting to be in my home country.  However as always when I move I will not have a studio for at least half a year as my tools and materials are in transition in our container somewhere between Tianjin and Hamburg. I also notice that my soul is still in transition too. The memories from Beijing are kicking in often.

Therefor I would like to use this coming weeks to tell you about my work in China. Back there I was using Chinese social media to tell my friends in Beijing about mosaic and my work – therefor this website and my Instagram account didn’t get regular updates.

My studio was flourishing in Beijing – I wouldn’t have thought I would get so beautifully busy in all areas of my work – my solely crafted mosaics, the workshops and the community mosaic murals. I have the feeling the years in Beijing were the peak of my career.

Let me tell you one after the other. ..




  1. Fico imensamente feliz em ver voce florescer desdsa maneira. Uma Gertrud familia e a Gertrud mosaicistas, artista e preocupada com o social!! Ensinar outras pessoas a seguir o mesmo caminho. Um caminho de pedras e ferramentas delicioso e como dizemos no Brasil. Uma “Cachaça!! Deus a abençõe e ao seu mais novo velho lar!! quando for a |Alemanha, irei a Berlim para visitar o seu novo Estúdio!!!

    • gertrud says

      Obrigada Querida Cida, estou feliz voce leira o blog. vou convidar voce a meu novo Estúdio quando esta aberta! Abraco Gertrud

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